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What is the Parts Tracker?

Right now, the Parts Tracker is the place to send your part files if you want them added to the LDraw Parts Library.
Eventually, it will also be the place to request certain parts be made for LDraw.

When will the parts be released?

Long term, we're aiming towards having quarterly releases subject to there being sufficient certified parts.

How do I request a part?

A request feature is not yet implemented. For now, you can request a part by going to the LDraw Forum and asking.

A lot of the parts in the active list are already official! What's up with that?

Parts are being updated all the time. When we get a fix, it goes into the Parts Tracker for approval, just like new parts.

Using the Parts Tracker as a Part Author

How do I author a new LDraw part?

See the Parts Authoring FAQ for guidance on authoring parts.

How do I become authorized as an author on the Parts Tracker?

  • Register and conform an account with the Forum.
  • Read the Contributor Agreement.
  • Send an email to the Parts Library Admin (Chris Dee) with your true first and last name, and your forum username. You must also include the statement "I accept the Contributor Agreement with regards to all past and future contributions I make to".

How do I submit my parts?

  • Click menu item 'Submit', at the top of thr Parts Tracker webpage.
  • Choose to which folder you want to submit your part(s).
  • Choose the file for submitting from your harddisk
  • If you want to replace a previous version of your own file then put a checkmark into the Replace checkbox.

How can I submit an updated version of an official part?

Email the updated part to the Parts Library Admin. We will put it in the Parts Tracker. Once an updated version of an official part is on the Parts Tracker, subsequent resubmissions do not require admin intervention.

The Parts Tracker rejected my part! Why did it do that?

You may get an error submitting your part. There are three possible reasons:

  1. The part already exists in the official part collection
  2. The part's name is already used by an unofficial part in the Parts Tracker.
  3. There was a syntax error in your file.

How do I delete a part from the Tracker?

Send an email to the Parts Library Admin, asking us to remove the file.

Using the Parts Tracker as a Parts Reviewer

How do I become authorized as a reviewer on the Parts Tracker?

There are fewer reviewers than there are authors; reviewers should have good expertise with LDraw parts, and some familiarity with the conventions of the LDraw Part Library. Send an email to the Parts Library Admin and they will evaluate your request based on the criteria stated above

What should I look for when I review a part?

See the Parts Reviewing FAQ for guidance on reviewing parts.

How do I post a review?

On every part details/tracking history page, you'll find a link for reviewing. Click on it, login if prompted, and make your choice on the certify status. At the moment there are three choices available:

No Vote
I'm not ready to vote yet. (Clears previous votes!).
This means that you're just leaving a comment. It's also a way you can undo a previous hold or certify vote, without committing to a new vote.
Hold (No)
It's getting there, but not yet.
There are errors to be corrected before the part can be released. The author has to take care of the errors.
If you vote for 'Hold' status always make sure that you enter detailed comments about what is wrong with that part. It's the only way the author of the part gets information about what is wrong with the part.
Certify (Yes)
This file is ready for general release.

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