Parts Tracker Tools

Here are tools that are useful for part authors and part reviewers. This area will probably never be completed, we'll always be working on something new.

Patterned Part Summary
See what patterns have been modeled for a part, and what state they are in.

File Scan
Search for files containing specific text.

Non-BFC Files
List files without BFC certification.

Subfile Tree View
List that shows which files are related to which other files.

File Check
Check your files for problems before submitting them. The file check runs files through L3P as well as performing some extra checks.

My Reviews
List of files you've reviewed. Access limited to PT users.

My Submits
List of files you've submitted. Access limited to PT users.

File Queue
List files in order of how badly they need attention.

PT Status
Check the current status of the PT.

DAT Diff
Compare any two official or unofficial files.

Bar graph statistics of recent PT history.

Submit alias
Submit part alias. Access currently limited to PT Admins.

Submit physical colour part
Submit physical colour part. Access currently limited to PT Admins.