Parts Tracker Reference

Here is some reference material for the Parts Tracker, and for part-authoring. As you might guess, this area is under construction. Eventually, this material will be moved to the general reference section.

Parts Tracker Policies
Policy statements about the usage of the Parts Tracker.

Parts Tracker FAQ
General questions about the Tracker.

Parts Reviewing FAQ
Questions about reviewing parts.

FAQ for LDraw Part Numbers
Details about the LDraw part numbering system.

File Types FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about the different kinds of files in the LDraw Parts Library.

Pattern Codes
Information about numbering patterned parts.

Information about using these meta-commands in part files.

Review Posting Information
Brief information about posting reviews.

L3P -check Messages
How to react to various L3P messages when reviewing files.

Primitives Reference
A detailed reference to all the currently available primitives, including usage notes and images.

Part Author Cross-reference
UserName to TrueName cross-reference for certified part authors.