LDraw.org Standards: Parts numbering scheme for parts with unknown numbers

Maintained by: The LDraw.org Standards Committee
Author: The LDraw.org Standards Committee
Writers: Travis Cobbs, Michael Heidemann, Santeri Piippo, Allen Smith, Scott Wardlaw
Contributors: Many


It should allow to add parts to the library where the part number is not known. As the systematic that is used up to now has reached its limits this change is necessary. Please read also the FAQ for LDraw Part Numbers

LDraw.org Parts numbering scheme for parts with unknown numbers

If a part number is unknown the part in question gets a file name with uNNNN.dat format, these filenames thus ranging from u1.dat to u9999.dat. The part remains having the u-prefixed number as long as the part's true number is unknown. This unknown number has to be the same as used by Peeron (for example Peeron: x8888 -> LDraw: u8888)

If Peeron.com does not list that part a number ranging from u9000.dat to u9999.dat is to be used. The numbering for this will be chosen by the Parts Tracker admin like before with the range of xNNN.dat files.

Peeron should then take our number and make it a x9000.dat - x9999.dat number. This way both Peeron and LDraw need only one renumbering should the correct number get to be known.

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