Just who are the people who run this site? Where can I find out more about the people who write my favourite programs? If you're curious, you've come to the right place. Steering Committee (SteerCo)

The 2019/2020 SteerCo is:

Johann Eisner, Orion Pobursky, Max Martin Richter, Willy Tschager, Jaco van der Molen Standards Committee (LSC)

The 2012/2013 LSC is:

Travis Cobbs, Chris Dee, Roland Melkert, Allen Smith and Orion Pobursky Webmasters

The Webmasters are:

Orion Pobursky, Max Martin Richter and Willy Tschager Parts Tracker Admin

The Parts Tracker Admin is:

Chris Dee

JJMA Winners

Winners of the James Jessiman Memorial Award are:

Steve Bliss, Jacob Sparre Andersen, Lars C. Hassing, Michael Lachmann, Orion Pobursky, Kevin Clague, Philippe Hurbain, Tim Courtney, Travis Cobbs, Steffen Lohse, Magnus Forsberg, Sergio Reano, Roland Melkert, Nils Schmidt, Chris Dee
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